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   Firm GROSS Co, Inc. specializes in the manufacture and sale of office furniture, metal furniture, including production for trading enterprises and gyms, commercial equipment and safes, safety deposit boxes, sofas, chairs and office equipment. We offer a wide range of products and everything you need to your office, retail outlet, business services or manufacturing.

   We always have for sale tables, chairs, metal cabinets, lockers for clothes, lockers, filing cabinets, safes, fireproof safes, document shreders, counters, office sofas, archival shelving.

   Modern computer programs (3D Architect, ArchiCAD, Corel Draw) and a great experience of our managers and designers will create the perfect comfort in your premises. Furniture made with modern equipment Altendorf (Germany), and TURANLAR (Italy-Turkey).

   No problems with the operation. Quality products - the main thing for us. With us you will get only high quality products with the official warranty.

   We offer a wide range of metal furniture: metal boxes, safes, shelving systems and sliding shelves, filing cabinets, hotel safes, gun safes, metal cabinets of good known manufacturers from Russia, South Korea, Ukraine, as well as metal furniture high quality of production of the Polish firm Litpol for industries, hotels, gyms and medical institutions.

   Chairs, armchairs and sofas our choice will make your rooms more comfortable.

   Office machines and banking equipment - we offer the most famous and widely used model of exchange counters, banknote counters, currency detectors, document shreders, banknote packaging production of: Dors, Speed, Plus, Magner, ScanCoin.

   We'll sell you a modern and powerful laptops from Apple, PDAs from Fujitsu-Siemens, Qtec, Dell, Asus, monitors from LG, ViewSonic, NEC, printers from Xerox, Samsung, HP.

We have a large selection of computer equipment and office equipment.

   We offer the high-end acoustics for a prestigious office and your home of the legendary British firm ProAc, differing audiophile sound and high quality. ProAc - one of the few companies implementing the entire cycle of production in England.

   Warranty applies to all products.

   located in Kiev, Ukraine.

Firm Gross.co, Inc - about

Firm GROSS - 18 years on the Ukrainian market.

We have low prices on safes, metal furniture and office and banking equipment.

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Our esteemed clients

Фирма ГРОСС - сейфы, металлическая мебель, диваны, шкафы гардеробные Киев Firm Gross, Kiev Ukraine - safes, metal furniture, office furniture, sofas, armchairs Фірма ГРОСС - металеві меблі, дивани, шафи гардеробні Киів